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I’m that shoestring-minimalist, vegan-millennial, location-independent wanderer from the US, who you often times find in libraries, parks, and airport terminals wearing Ray Bans and a plump, tan Patagonia bag (mostly full of food), all while listening to some random Spotify playlist (it all blurs at some point) and holding either a book or an apple, maybe both (probably ensnared by some absurd thought, like whether Goku could beat One Punch Man in fight or how I could be zero-waste and location independent at the same time or when the next Rick and Morty episode will be dropped).

Once upon a time, I was, supposedly, a respectable quality engineer at the largest aluminum manufacturing facility in the US which was, regrettably, built in an old rust-belt Midwest town on the Mississippi. Back then I lurched through what felt like an earthly purgatory until I returned to the living for my annual 2-week vacation (where I’d escape to Africa or whatever). Obviously, I jumped ship. Oh and before that, there was the University life and the ‘only-child, military-brat, move-every-2-years’ life.

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