• Michelle posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    I just got my newest travel pack, and I’m so excited by it. This pack is 30L, and will be my smallest pack yet, having previously traveled with a 32L and 34L. I still managed to fit 8 books in the 32L by the end of my trip, so I did not need all that extra space, and this way I can travel lighter. This is a Pacsafe pack, and it has so many security features on it to prevent anyone from slashing at the bag or cutting it off, which at the very least will put me a bit more at ease when traveling, but is also a big upgrade from the drawstrings that my old pack has – no way to lock it!

    • I love learning about other folks’ preferred travel gear, and have been thinking of what I can do to make lugging things around more sustainable (and safer!). Happy to have another option to consider 🙂

    • My shoulder bag is a pacsafe… I love all the little clips they have on it to keep your zippers closed!! Blues the raid pocket!

      • Wow, that last sentence was supposed to be “plus the rfid pocket”… Clearly posting before coffee didn’t work too well, lol.

        • Haha I thought Blues the raid was some cool new thing that i didn’t know about :p I also bought a new purse for really light daytrips, that’s got an RFID pocket too, they’re so nice to have.

    • Come to the dark side… kinnnnnndle!! Regardless, I’m still impressed!!

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