• Margaret posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Italy has so much to offer for vegans! Chris and I are definetely stuffed from our Italy leg of our Europe 2016 trip! When you visit restaurants, the staff are receptive when you mention you are vegan ( sono vegana/o). When you go to grocery stores there is so much fresh produce and packages marked as vegan friendly. In Rome Chris and I went to a vegan restaurant named ECRU located near the Vatican. There we got to dine on great sandwiches and eat vegan tarimisu! I hadn’t had tarimisu for 10 years since going vegan and it was my favorite kind of cake! Let me say it was amazing and it is still my favorite cake! In addition the Italian restaurants we went to, were able to make pasta with no meat tomato sauce. In Florence we had vegan pizza, crepes, gelato and found some vegan friendly snacks. Florence is so beautiful, and nature is preserved into the city. We saw flowers, birds, and lizards we had never seen before.( full review to come) 🙂

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