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My name is Lourdes but everyone can call me Lou. I was born and raised in Panama, a small country in Central America.

Since I was young I always felt the desire to explore the world and experience living abroad, so in 2010 an opportunity came and I moved to Barcelona to continue my studies.

It was an amazing year and I had the chance to visit other cities that I always wanted to see, it was also the first time I could try traveling solo since I was a little scared of it at the beginning, but I loved it!

I’ve been to over 50 different cities in 12 different countries including the U.S, Peru, Bolivia, England, Norway, Italy and South Korea but my bucket list just grows bigger every day.

I’ve been vegan for nearly 4 years now and besides traveling I also love cooking, reading, photography and I have an obsession with rabbits all thanks to my bunny Bailey.

Here on Vegan Travel I want to share my experiences on the places I’ve been and useful tips so everyone can enjoy their time as much as possible and prove that you can travel on a plant-based diet without the concerns that you won’t find anything nice to eat. All the contrary, I want to show all the amazing things you can find!

I also have a blog called The Vegan Hopper which is a compilation of all the things I love.

If you are coming down to Panama or planning a visit I would be happy to help and even meet up so we can try delicious vegan food.

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