• Marissa Kai Miluk posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    One of my favorite things in the world is sunrise. Nobody is awake yet. There’s a calm chill in the air. It’s beautifully still unlike any other time of day. Something is so awe inspiring about sunrise.
    I am absolutely amazing by the fact that this morning we saw sunrise first before anyone else in the world in New Zealand. Whaaaaat? This is too cool. How beautiful this world is.

    • Amazed*

    • @lifestylewithme, you are so inspiring for pointing this out. imho; we all need to make sure we take time to kick back, and soak in a good sunrise or sunset from time to time 🙂

    • I don’t think high school Jaclyn (who went to bed just before sunrise and slept until mid-afternoon every chance she got) could have guessed how much almost-30s Jaclyn would enjoy mornings! Starting out on a run when it’s just barely dark still, and seeing all of those colors start to radiate as the sun comes up is so awesome!!

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