• Brianna posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Had our family’s first ever fully vegan Thanksgiving! Celebration Tofurkey roast, stuffing with dried cranberries, apricots, and pecans, mac and cheese topped with breadcrumbs, cheesy mashed potatoes, sweet hawaiian rolls, butternut squash apple soup, brussel sprouts with balsamic reduction and cranberries, cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries, and apple cobbler (from the oh she glows cookbook!). Phew! Talk about a full Thanksgiving feast! Thankful for all the cruelty-free deliciousness, even in West Virginia!

    • So jealous! You HAVE to make me that mac and cheese and cobbler when I get home! <3

    • @bmiluk1 It kills me to see all these Thanksgiving posts. What I would do right now for a Tofurky or Field Roast celebration roast, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, peas and carrots, gravy, and stuffing. Ugggghhhhhh!!!!

    • @lifestylewithme @bmiluk1 I will have to admit that a small part of me is a bit envious that your family has all jumped on board and see the importance of being a vegan. That is my hope one day for @heyshae and myself. It would be such a wonderful thing to enjoy a feast like this with loved ones and know that not only is it delicious, it is all cruelty free. Truly happy for you and your family.

      I was the only one eating a Field Roast this Thanksgiving (delicious btw) but I was asked by two people to try it. They were quite surprised by how much it tasted like their turkey, texture and all. The host of Thanksgiving this year had actually not only purchased the roast for me, but prepared vegan candied yams, and a wonderful vegan roasted Brussels sprout dish, along with providing vegan butter for my vegan rolls. I brought vegan mashed potatoes that were very tasty as usual. I will continue to hold out hope that next Thanksgiving there will be more people who will share my awesome cruelty free food with me, because they were the ones missing out on the good stuff. =)

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