Vegan Accommodations & Vegan-Friendly Places to Stay
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We vegans have our own perspective of the places we like to stay at when we are traveling. Learn which accommodations your fellow vegans enjoy going to staying at when they are traveling. There are some boutique vegan hotels and 100% vegan Bed and Breakfasts which provide both vegan meals as well as animal friendly toiletries. In some countries larger hotels provide free breakfast, and if you let them know in advance they will happily prepare a vegan breakfast for you. You can help your fellow vegans by sharing and/or reviewing your own favorite accommodations for their vegan-friendliness and please also review them and let us know which ones provide vegan meal options.

With your help, and the help of our vegan community, this page can truly reflect the accommodations that most deserve our vegan business. We accept no advertising – the travel accommodations shown on this page are dynamically generated and sorted based on your reviews. In addition to the most popular vegan places to stay shown on this page, you can also search all vegan-friendly accommodations by location on this page: Vegan Accommodations Search Map

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