Berlin, Germany:

In this fifth episode of our Vegans Around the World series, we give you a preview of the time the VeganTravel team spent visiting Berlin, Germany for the Vegan Summer Festival.

To help grow compassion, VeganTravel created our Vegans Around the World Contest.’s 2016 contest winners travel the globe to help grow compassion and show how easy it is to travel and live your life as an ethical vegan. For more about their amazing experiences, watch the full videos from this episode, and check the teams’ playlists to preview some of the amazing destinations they’ll be headed during their journeys!

The full videos from this Vegans Around the World episode are below:

Additional Vegans Around the World Episodes: is a place where vegans from around the world can share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in going vegan, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and help build a more sustainable and compassionate world. By sharing our collective experiences, we believe we can show the world how easy it is not only to travel as a vegan, but also spread a message of compassion with those we meet along the way.


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