Ecuador Vegan Travel Guide

Ecuador Vegan Travel Guide

Vegan in the Galapagos Islands

A couple of years ago, my family decided to take a family trip to the Galapagos Islands. As a general warning, this trip is far out of my own budget range, and wasn’t budget-friendly at all. There are cheaper ways [...]

Vegan Dining in Ecuador

Adicto Surf & SUP Vegan cafe

Canoa’s only vegan restaurant and surfer hangout. Wifi and great vibes, hammocks and view of the waves. Come by! Great vegan treats, juices and heathy plates of veggies, quino, black beans, and more.

Buganvilla Bar

Buganvilla Bar offers vegetarian and vegan options. It is located in the port city Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz, in the Galapagos Islands. It is located close to the Charles Darwin Center and is a fantastic place […]

La Quinua Vegetarian Restaurant

La Quinua Vegetarian Restaurant offers vegan dishes and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. It is located in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador


Tandana is the first non-profit, vegan, ecological and fair trade restaurant in the Quito, Ecuador. A cultural center where all its activities promote the vindication and reclamation of rights of priority attention groups, including animals and nature, urban gardens, canine […]

Café Kallari

Cafeteria Kallari is a vegetarian cafe serving lunch, drinks, and coffee in Quito. Chocolate Sacha and Kallari with fine aroma cocoa. Organic and fair trade products. Cafetería Kallari, un pedazo de la Amazonía en Quito. Chocolate Sacha y Kallari con […]

Popular Activities in Ecuador

Charles Darwin Foundation – Darwin Center

Over one hundred scientists, educators, research assistants, support staff, and volunteers from all over the world take part in this effort. The organizational staff is 90% Ecuadorian and CDF is committed to the training of Galapagos residents as future scientists […]

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are known for their abundance of wildlife isolated from the mainland for millions of years. The Galápagos Islands have for centuries captured the interest of people from all over the globe because of its unique biodiversity that […]

Places to Stay in Ecuador

Hilton Colon Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Hilton Colon Guayaquil Hotel in Guayaquil, Ecuador is convenient to the city center and it’s located just few minutes from José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport via a complimentary shuttle.

Galapagos Suites

Galapagos Suites B&B is located in the port city Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz, in the Galapagos Islands. It is located close to the Charles Darwin Center. It was created to provide all visitors from around the […]

The videos and blogs on this page were contributed by members of our vegan community who recently traveled to South America and graciously shared their travel experiences. Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Ecuador compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Ecuador. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and share your travel adventures with our global vegan community and collectively we can show the world how easy it is to be vegan and travel compassionately.

Ecuador Vegan Travel Tips

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