• Michelle posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    The life of a world traveler/dual citizen! It just shows that you always need to reserve extra time in case of questioning!
    I went to the extra check that passengers to the US have to go through, and completely confused the security attendant.

    Them: Where are you going?
    Me: Kahului.
    Them: Do you live there?
    Me: No, I live in Finland.
    Them: How can you live in Finland?
    Me: I’m a dual citizen.
    Them: So why are you going to Hawaii?
    Me: I’m going on vacation.
    Them: Do you have a return ticket?
    Me: Yes, hold on, let me find it.
    Them: Why is your return to Edinburgh??
    Me: Well, I’m going to Edinburgh for a couple of days before going to Israel, and THEN I’m going to Finland.
    Them: So….. can we see your hotel reservation in Hawaii?
    Me: Um, yeah, but why do you need it, I’m a US citizen?!
    Them: It’s just all very suspicious.

    Thankfully, I finally got through after the security had to go check with their manager, and with over an hour left to spare before boarding.

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