• MiLisa posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    Hello Vegan Travel Community!!!!
    On occasion, I will check out the latest videos on youtube surrounding the vegan lifestyle. One topic that came up was supporting businesses/companies that offer both non-vegan and vegan options. Even though we order vegan items we still are supporting a company that is opposite to our values. A company’s choice to expand their product line or food menu is all about keeping customers and or gaining new ones that help their bottom line. It is tough to think about because not many 100% vegan and cruelty free companies exist. Would it be extreme to include grocery stores that sell non-vegan items? A 100% vegan market would be awesome, but our society is just not there.
    In terms of dining out, I can only speak to the restaurants that I have visited that are vegan-friendly. On a recent afternoon, I went to a neighborhood of Cleveland called Tremont to visit Beviamo Cafe. They offer a 100% vegan menu. Prior to this new spot, there was a placed called the Flaming Ice Cube which has now closed. Not too far away is a relatively new place called Helio Terra Vegan Cafe which also featured a 100% vegan menu. Beviamo will make the second place in Cleveland. Below was my meal selection. I went twice, after my first visit I was offered a discount code!

    a. Pink Guava Ginger Lemonade
    b. JackFruit Nachos
    c. Iced Latte with Oat milk; vanilla and cinnamon flavor
    d. Quesadilla with sour cream

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