Vegan Traveler Kristin & Mandi - Vegan Travel

Vegan World Travelers – Kristin & Mandi
Kristin & Mandi were one of the teams who won VeganTravel’s 2016 Vegans Around the World Contest.

Vegan Traveler Mandi & Kristin - Vegan Travel

Kristin & Mandi will be traveling the world as VeganTravel’s 2016 Vegans Around the World Contest winners to help promote veganism and compassion. They are passionate vegans who are looking forward to extensive travel while sharing their adventures and the stories of animals in need and plant-based foods to be eaten! Their current plans to travel the world include Istanbul, Greece (Athens + a few of the islands), Berlin, London, Brighton, Ireland, Bologna, & Thailand.

Please bookmark this page to follow along with Kristin & Mandi on this amazing adventure. To learn more about Kristin’s past and current, personal travels, check out her award-winning blog and website: Will Travel for Vegan Food.

Kristin & Mandi Vegan Travel Videos

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