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Hello my name is Xavier Morris

For the past year I have made it a priority to travel as much as possible. This journey first lead me to explore my great state of Arizona, hiking, camping and venturing all around this beautiful state while also eating at as many vegan resturants as I possibly can. These small adventures soon lead me to start exploring all across the country and soon my bank statement became a list of airports, busses and trains that I have taken as well as the endless amount of gas that I put into my car. I travel by whatever form of transportation I can get my hands on and that has lead to many insane and epic journeys. Most recently I completed the Vans Warped Tour working as a representive of Peta2. Now I am on a quest to attempt to satisfy my undying case of wanderlust and vegan food.

The Adventures Continue…

Vegan Journey

4 years ago

My Vegan Journey

I wish I could tell you my first steps toward a vegan lifestyle was some humbling and amazing moment of self realization where I either saw a graphic video or had a deep meditation that lead me to make a change… however the fact of the matter is that I went vegan to try to impress a girl that I had a crush on in high school. And although we never made it past the friendship stage I am so thankful my boy hormones made me make the switch because my life would not be the same because of it. Even though I am sure that sometime I would have come around I am so glad that I had that push towards the compassionate side of life. Nowadays I am vegan for the animals and will continue to speak up for their rights.

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United States

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– Seattle, WA – Portland, OR – Alburquerque, NM – Phoenix, AZ – Boise, ID – Moab, UT – Las Vegas, NV – Salt Lake City, UT – Denver, Co – Lawerence, KS – Nashville, TN – Atlanta, GA – Orlando, FL – Tampa, FL – West Palm Beach, FL – Charlotte, NC – Philadelphia, PA – Long Island, NY – Hartford, CT – Scranton, PA – Virginia Beach, VA – Boston, MA – Bufallo, NY – Pittsburgh, PA – Holmdel, NJ – Washington, DC – New York City, NY – Cleveland, OH- Cincinnati, OH – Indianapolis, IN – Detroit, MI – Chicago, IL – Minneapolis, MN – Milwaukee, WI – St. Louis, MO – Kansas City, KS – Dallas, TX – San Antonio, TX – Houston, TX – Las Crueses, NM – San Francisco, CA – San Diego, CA – Los Angeles, CA – Flagstaff, AZ – Tucson, AZ

Countries I've Been To
I've Been To

– United States of America (USA)

– Costa Rica

– England

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– Thailand

– Iceland

– Japan

– India

– Switzerland

– Australlia

– Canada

– South Korea

– France

– Italy

– Greenland

– Germany

– Mexico