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We The Wildflowers is dedicated to travel and sustainable living. We inspire readers through experiential storytelling. Curated stories capture the sustainable practices, products, food, and fashion from the places we explore and the people we meet in our travels. Living nomadically provides for beautiful imagery and exploration. Whether a mountaintop view that we happened upon or an organic farm we’re volunteering on, we tell the story. We hope to cultivate an appreciation of sustainable practices by introducing readers to new ideas we uncover on the road. Highlighting local vegan cafes in various cities gives readers an easy and delicious way to join the movement.

Vegan Journey

1 year, 8 months ago

My Vegan Journey

We’re Ariel and Ron. Our vegan journey began roughly a year and a half ago after watching a documentary on the environment that exposed aspects of the agriculture industry that we could no longer support. We stopped eating meat that same night. Cheese. Well, cheese was hard to quit for both of us. Seafood was also tough for Ariel. She’s originally from the Bahamas, a country known for its seafood.  Learning the health benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle has helped to make the transition an easy one. Traveling in a camper as a vegan has its own benefits when it comes to storage, cooking, and clean up. The growing popularity of veganism, especially along the West Coast where we have been traveling, has spoiled us with vegan restaurants on every other street. Now, we’ve set out to find the vegan side of every city we visit and share it with you.

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Madrid, Malaga, Granada, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Chipiona, Castellar de la Frontera

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United States/ The Bahamas/ Mexico/ Spain/ Portugal/ Canada

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Bali/ Nepal/Costa Rica/ Morocco/ New Zealand/ Australia/ Thailand/ South Africa