• My travel partner in crime, @shannon, getting the scoop (see what I did there?) on the vegan gelato we found last night on the Vegas strip! Check out Amorino if you’re ever in town πŸ™‚

  • We’re in Vegas!! My belly is already so full (stay tuned for pics later on!), but please pass along your best Sin City vegan food recommendations if you’ve got ’em πŸ™‚

    • Jenn replied 3 days ago

      Ahhh my comment disappeared. I’ve been to the Wynn and a Mexican and pizza place in the walkway between the Luxor and Excalibur

      • It’s so cool that the Wynn spots have so many vegan menus! Wish they’d advertise them more πŸ˜‰

    • The only time I have been in Vegas I was stuck in Caesars Palace almost ’round the clock at a corporate event. The best I could do was working something out at the food court-ish spot in the casino and dashing out to the Chipotle just down the street. (Thank God for Chipotle!)

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    Daydreaming about some of the great vegan eats I had in Orlando last October, and how excited I am to pay these tasty treats another visit when I’m there a few weeks from now! Vegan Brunchwrap from Leguminati, and some Valhalla Bakery donuts to wash it down ;-)…[Read more]

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    Just a dreamy shot of dusk in Munich from last summer for today’s Throwback πŸ™‚

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    This week’s throwback is to my first time in Philly back in Oct 2015, goofin’ around on a gloomy evening in front of Independence Hall πŸ™‚

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    Remembering fondly a stroll through Central Park just last week <3 #tbt

  • I don’t know how to begin summing up the past week I’ve enjoyed in NYC. A city I hadn’t been to since 2006, and a city I hadn’t really ever gotten to know until now. Delicious food, incredible travel companions (I’m looking at you, @shannon, @alan, @michelle, @lifestylewithme, @bmiluk1), and really important opportunities to reconnect with old…[Read more]

    • Aww I totally remember that afternoon in Central Park where we saw all the ducks and squirrels, followed by some incredible food at Blossom. Can’t wait to see what NYC has in store the next time I get to visit!

  • Throwing it back to a little over a week ago when I had the pleasure of romping around in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the same week! Also, please enjoy a bonus childhood photo recreation with my sister πŸ™‚

  • Just a simple picture of some California palm trees from my first time in the state back in March of 2015 to represent my excitement for next weekend’s trip to LA!! Can’t wait to dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life πŸ™‚

    • This totally looks like it was from Expo West, am I wrong?

    • I was going to be shocked about you never touching the Pacific, but then I remembered I have a friend who’s never even seen the ocean… So instead I’m just going to scream a little on the inside about how excited I am to see you all!!! And ah, the food. YAY!

      • I know! I’m a FL person, I’ve been all about the Atlantic for my whole life. I was also always the friend who had never seen snow up until age 18, enraging many people I met, haha.


    • Hi Jaclyn,
      thank you so much for sending me the link to Shae and Marissa’s video…..I just find it so funny and they do such a great job lip-siccing!

  • This weekend I got to experience an all-vegan Afternoon Tea at Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant in Boulder, and it was really special! I feel grateful to have experiences like this just walking distance from our house πŸ™‚

  • Happy Thursday! This week I’m looking back on a trip out to Park City, Utah in 2015 for the second week of Sundance Film Festival πŸ™‚

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    Today (and everyday) I am thankful for organizations, volunteers, and individuals taking action and making compassionate choices to spare lives like Walter’s. For the well-being of our bodies, our planet, and animals everywhere, thank you all!! To celebrate, here’s a throwback photo of Walter shortly after he arrived at Luvin Arms this past summer…[Read more]

  • My throwback this week comes aaaaall the way from yesterday πŸ™‚ Some of the volunteers at Luvin Arms gathered to serve a special meal to Walter, our resident turkey, to honor his life and sanctuary in light of the coming Thanksgiving holiday. He and his coop-mate, a rooster named Rocky, were served some pretty plates of purΓ©ed acorn squash,…[Read more]

    • How sweet! I love that a handful of animal sanctuaries are celebrating the turkeys’ lives this way <3

  • Throwback to the truly bizarre but highly enjoyable Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins, CO. This place is a large roadside sculpture garden with pieces made from scrap metal, car parts, and all sorts of other odds and ends. Don’t let the word “zoo” deter you– there are NO animals kept here (unless you count rusted dinosaur and insect figures)…[Read more]

  • As always, I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with Rudy and all of his coop-mates yesterday at Luvin Arms. Rudy was tossed from a moving vehicle, and landed in the yard of a kind soul who took him to a local vet to help with the injuries he sustained from being treated like a throwaway. He moves around with a limp now despite being fully…[Read more]

    • What a cute little guy! I’m so thankful for places like Luvin Arms that take good care of animals who need it most πŸ™‚

    • What a beauty. Us humans really need to take the time to pause, and appreciate how extremely gorgeous all of our non-human buddies really are. And of course acknowledge, and respect their sentience and individuality <3

  • Throwback! It may be just a quick cell phone snap taken while waiting for a train in Berlin, but the amazing memories attached to it more than make up for its technical imperfections. <3 you, @shannon, @lifestylewithme and @heyshae!

  • Happy World Vegan Day, everyone!! Today is also my three year Veganniversary– I didn’t know it was WVD at the time, but what better day to make a commitment to lifetime compassion?! Big thanks to each and every one of the amazing people in this community who lift each other up and provide valuable resources and kindness to one another. Here’s…[Read more]

  • We had a busy and fun weekend at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, including another successful new volunteer orientation! Sanctuaries aren’t always accessible to us, but if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, I can’t recommend enough getting involved. You just might meet your own sass-master like Felix here…[Read more]

  • It’s hard to believe that only a week ago we were wandering around Hofgarten in Munich, our bodies sore but wanting to experience as much of the city as possible before our departure. Here inside this rotunda we got to stop and take a rest while we listened to a man sing and play beautifully on his guitar <3 #tbt

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    After a brief stop in Copenhagen, Justin and I have made it to Munich! We checked into our hotel around dinnertime, and immediately left to explore (and eat). There were some places on the vegan radar we made sure to taste (Royal-Kebabhaus and IceDate), but I was even more thrilled with the options we just stumbled upon while walking around and…[Read more]

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