Paris Vegan Dining

We vegans love exploring new vegan restaurants, especially when we are traveling. And these days, no matter where we travel there are amazing vegan dining options to choose from. This page shows some of the best vegan and vegan-friendly dining options contributed by members of our VeganTravel community. These eateries range from vegan fine dining restaurants to fast food takeout and smoothie bars. The vegan dining listings shown on this page were contributed, rated, and reviewed by your fellow vegans. We accept no advertising. Our goal is to provide a platform that truly respects and mirrors our collective vegan opinions and perspectives. As our global vegan community adds additional dining listings, and as we review and rate our favorites, the resulting listings will continually, and more accurately, reflect our global vegan dining preferences. Please consider reviewing and rating the eateries on this page so our vegan community can learn from your dining experiences. And if you know of any vegan eateries we missed, please consider adding them to our site.

Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and dining options in Paris

    • 1509941_662978873739295_194608766795804664_n

    Tien Hiang

    • 885976_680976445355028_6470063949627635780_o

    Gentle Gourmet Paris

    • VG-Patisserie_Paris-France-3

    VG Pâtisserie

    • 16602607_1364265143625009_8363262513347374796_n

    Sol Semilla Canteen

    • Brasserie-Lola-2

    Brasserie Lola

    • Le-Potager-du-Marais-5

    Le Potager du Marais

    • interior-saveurs-vegethalles-vegantravel-paris


    • 12193407_883732085045464_4839583600050089153_n

    Vegan Folie’s

    • 31395_La-Verriere-2

    La Verrière

    • burger-insta2

    Hank Vegan Burger

    • OutofBusiness-01


    • 264958_356694134426579_1441577587_n

    La Bauhinia du Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

    • Paradis-Marguerite

    Paradis Marguerite

    • Brasserie-2eme-2

    Brasserie 2eme ART

    • 9545_10455917_321284571362437_4490446056559430171_n

    42 Degrees

    • Le-Tricycle-2

    Le Tricycle

    • 923446_368114156630286_1430725392_n1

    My Kitch’n

    • pizza-dÇcalÇes

    Hank Vegan Pizza

    • Brochettes-delices-Y

    Loving Hut Paris

    • 10010_10259164_503388766433496_3351225641417807574_o

    East Side Burgers

    • 1457559_653004578083461_268359942_n

    Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant – Paris

    • Vegebowl

    Vegebowl Paris

    • maoz-falafel-vegantravel

    Maoz Vegetarian Rue Xavier Privas

    • 921208_500935573288498_1198610867_o

    Café Ginger

    • maoz-falafel-vegantravel

    Maoz Vegetarian Rue Saint-André des Arts

    • Cloud-Cakes-3

    Cloud Cakes

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