Ontario Vegan Dining

We vegans love exploring new vegan restaurants, especially when we are traveling. And these days, no matter where we travel there are amazing vegan dining options to choose from. This page shows some of the best vegan and vegan-friendly dining options contributed by members of our VeganTravel community. These eateries range from vegan fine dining restaurants to fast food takeout and smoothie bars. The vegan dining listings shown on this page were contributed, rated, and reviewed by your fellow vegans. We accept no advertising. Our goal is to provide a platform that truly respects and mirrors our collective vegan opinions and perspectives. As our global vegan community adds additional dining listings, and as we review and rate our favorites, the resulting listings will continually, and more accurately, reflect our global vegan dining preferences. Please consider reviewing and rating the eateries on this page so our vegan community can learn from your dining experiences. And if you know of any vegan eateries we missed, please consider adding them to our site.

Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and dining options in Ontario

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    Fresh Restaurants

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    • IMG_0090

    Doomie’s Toronto

    • IMG_9898

    Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.

    • 10703552_10152747084264813_2669699271822459143_n

    Bunner’s Bake Shop – Kensington Market

    • IMG_0160-1

    Apiecalypse Now Vegan Pizza & Snack Bar

    • IMG_9726

    The Hogtown Vegan

    • IMG_9334

    Cosmic Treats

    • IMG_9243

    King’s Cafe

    • 12466153_575259662622256_7275746617132232392_o


    • 12622471_582879715211182_8986715570386745933_o


    • IMG_9478

    Sweet Hart Kitchen

    • 12015048_879791135430196_3727731442604629035_o

    Urban Herbivore

    • 11071475_810697085633301_412483623585577129_o

    Earth & City

    • Porter-House-Toronto
    • 11068076_813517765380292_2363073592016047886_n


    • 599241_432069726824360_328176726_n

    The lovemuffin bakery

    • 18910_1630004590545576_6941381695738150940_n

    Unbaked Cake Co

    • 10689879_707976925948233_8789267809461824184_n
    • 11960092_1030365093664913_8092060533809004260_n

    Pleasantville Creamery

    • 12592651_1029354680441411_809183521655109652_n

    Belmonte Raw

    • 11351269_668193539979218_3712487427908507635_n

    Kupfert & Kim

    • 10568834_689695497771108_1073416526544536816_n

    Grasshopper Restaurant

    • 10959640_10153102426619813_7773936121756922595_n

    Bunner’s Bake Shop – Junction

    • 859056_986173214775794_7766882038962979638_o


    • 12654214_835119596599232_8229476891397153001_n

    The Grow-Op

    • 12744582_504116493083519_3699494360114659697_n

    Greenhouse Juice Co.

    • 40025_143423515681899_6285881_n

    Green Earth Vegan Cuisine – Toronto

    • 11261513_1096297893730706_4676868029887944069_n

    Live Organic Food

    • 12049180_577471549057938_5477180306957520314_n

    Bolt Fresh Bar

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    • 11169684_425336800981082_8376328386132160457_o

    The Steady Cafe & Bar

    • 10293772_774643262569751_2695383011798922068_o

    Butter Chicken Roti

    • 10968376_734516240001135_5742098201343775869_n

    The Goods

    • 11393297_1044816465563659_4307964163696590160_o

    Feel Good Guru

    • 11270182_1156362261056298_923951547216720934_n

    Strawberry Blonde Bakery

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