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I am Apar Datta, Founder and Trip Planner of Trekking Trail Nepal Born and Raised in the Himalayas of Nepal. With the higher school enrollment in Kathmandu, I get involved in the Trekking Activities in 2003. Started the Trekking Career as a porter, upgraded to the Peak Point of Trekking Leader and quit the Job from Big Company. After years of experience and deep insight, I realized that The Trekking Services is the same as the quote ” Picture Looks Good” Deep inside this trekking services fill with Greedy Nature, Money Minded driven by Higher Profit to the Company Only.  In 2013 I complete of Masters Degree in Global Marketing and decided to create one small Trekking Company with the Principle of FAIR PRICE TO GUEST and FAIR PAY TO SUBORDINATE.

Here with Trekking Trail Nepal, we offer the typical Trekking Adventure as well as Classical Trekking Packages like Everest Base Camp. More importantly, We offer Special Trekking and Tours in Nepal based in Festivals, Vegetarian Tours and Vegan Trekking with the effects of Yoga and Meditation. In additional we also offer Holidays trips to Bhutan, Tibet, India as well as Pakistan.

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