• Samantha Olson posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    TBT: how I looked out exploring Cambodia on the first day. Breathing the air is like smoking a pack a day so I convinced myself that wearing this flimsy mask helped even though mucus was always black at the end of the day.

    @vegannomad in PDX

    • Whoa really?!

      • Yeah, they dont have any enforced government regulations about pollution or emissions 🙁 not to mention they usually just burn their garbage on the side of the road rather than have it picked up.

    • Would love to go to Cambodia soon. How were the vegan options there?

      • Well they dont really use milk or cheese so that’s nice, you just have to get things without meat and eggs. Not too hard but not too too many already began options. But definitely do able! Its a great vacation and very inexpensive, I recommend it!

        • The only other thing that u have to be careful with is that Cambodians love to use fish sauce or shrimp pastes in the majority of their dishes and that’s often tough to get around.

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