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I am so happy to join this community of vegan world travelers! I was vegan as a kid and teenager, but just came back to it a few years ago. I am originally from Canada, but now live in Barcelona with my lovely, vegan, fellow world traveler husband.  We are constantly on the go, checking out different restaurants, tours, activities, exhibits, movies, books, products and exploring new ways of thinking.   Latest travels include, Seville, Lanzarote and Lisbon. Latest find?  A crock pot and a sandwich maker! Now to figure out what to make:) Latest interest? Jivamukti yoga…the yoga with a vegan philosophy.  Great work out and spiritual lessons. Next trip? Bilbao in October. Can´t wait to discover the vegan restos and check out the local sites and sounds. Favorite music? We are huge music lovers, but also ukulele players! Newbies for sure, but already have 6 ukuleles!

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