Reviews on Accommodations

  • Hayarkon 48 hostel is a great hostel in a great location of Tel Aviv. You can’t miss the vibrant yellow building right next to the beach.

    The hostel has dorm rooms and private rooms available. The spacious bathrooms are so great after using tiny wet bathrooms in other places.

    The rooms were very spacious and comfortable and there is wifi throughout the hostel.

    The rooftop patio is a great little addition as well. Grab a drink and head to the rooftop at night where many other travellers hang out and share stories. Another great place to sit and watch the sun set over the beach.

    We spent a few nights on the rooftop trading tips with other travellers and sharing stories.

    Hayarkon 48 has daily activities happening should you want to join a pub crawl, have a cook off in the kitchen, or come up with your own ideas. Just jot it down on the communal board.

    The beds are comfy, the wifi is good, and there is a pool table in the large common area.

    We read a few reviews complaining that Hayarkon 48 is noisy, but they provide free earplugs at the front desk.

    We used them and had very sound sleeps.

    The staff is very helpful and friendly, and the many times we walked by the reception, guests were sitting, enjoying a drink and chatting with the staff.

    Everything was in walking distance to the hostel, from Jaffa, to St. George St., to the many amazing restaurants we sampled.

    We met a few people during our travels through Israel that were all familiar with Hayarkon 48 and they had nothing but good things to say about it.

    Our stay at Hayarkon 48 was really good and we would recommend it to people wanting to be close to the beach and in walking distance to many areas in the city.

    It is very easy to get around with a bus stop just down the street from the hostel.

  • Abraham hostel sits in a great location in Jerusalem close to the old city, and is run surprisingly well for such a large place.

    The staff are from all over the globe. They are very friendly, and very helpful with whatever you may need.

    The hostel bar has a great selection of beers, wines and cocktails – and generous happy hour prices.

    We even received a free drink when we checked in.

    There’s also a lounge with comfy hammocks and bean bag chairs, and enough room in the bar area for all guests to sit, relax, and meet new people.

    The vibe is very laid back, and there are nightly events like movie nights, live music, pub quiz, etc……

    There is also a sweet rooftop patio with comfortable cushions to lounge on.

    We shared a 4 bed dorm room with two other friends. It was very comfortable and spotless. There was a shower with a sink in the room, as well as a sink with a toilet separate from the shower.

    We spent two nights in the dorm and had great sleeps both nights. We had no issues with noise whatsoever.

    A very abundant breakfast is served in the common area with a lot to choose from for all tastes. It is included with the room rate.

    If you are in town for a few days, check out the tours they provide. We had a great experience during our Dual Narrative Tour with Abraham Tours.

    There is a reason that Abraham Hostels is one of the most popular hostels in the world. They certainly know what they’re doing!

  • Arriving by taxi to a local San Salvadoran neighbourhood, we were dropped off in front of a charming red building draped with a lot plants.

    This was our stop. Arbol De Fuego Eco-Hotel.

    We walked into a simply decorated front lobby and immediately noticed the green awards recieved by Arbol De Fuego Eco-Hotel.

    In 2010 they were recognized by USAID for protecting the environment by implementing an eco-efficiency program; and in 2014 the hotel won 1st prize in every category of the National Energy Efficiency Awards in El Salvador.

    After admiring the sweetly decorated lobby, we were shown to our room by the attentive and helpful staff.

    The space was small, but it had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. Our solar powered showers were incredible. Very hot, with great water pressure.

    Breakfast is included in the stay and is served in their peaceful garden.

    We were able to order plantain, beans, toast, fruit, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice from the menu, which suited us fine.

    2016 marks the green hotel’s 15th year of operation, and they are doing well.

    Their commitment and passion to the environment is inspiring.

    The water throughout the grounds is 100% heated by solar power, they use recycled grey water from the laundry for the vegetation on the property, the green rooftop deck is covered in plants, cooling the rooms below, and they have a natural solar room that dries all of the linens with zero electricity.

    By keeping with these good practices, Arbol De Fuego has reduced their electric bill from $1300, to $180 per month. The hotel has 19 rooms, and spends as much as a family of 6 does on electricity.

    You may be thinking that San Salvador is a strange place to have an eco hotel, but all it takes is a few eco-conscious people to take action, and make it happen.

    This is possible anywhere.

    The hotel is located in a very safe neighbourhood in walking distance to several pupusa restaurants. You can also walk to Zona Rosa in about 15-20 minutes.

    Arbol De Fuego Eco-Hotel is a really great place to stay in the city of San Salvador.

    It is so important to support, and participate in eco friendly practices, as well as stay in small scale locally owned establishments as much as possible.

  • Laguna Lodge Eco Resort and Nature Reserve sits at the waters edge of Lake Atitlan surrounded by it’s own nature reserve.

    The resort is not accessible by car, so Cody and I hopped on one of the many public boats at the dock in San Pedro, arriving in the early afternoon.

    Approaching the  thatch roofed building amid the mountains of Guatemala, we stepped up on the private dock, and were warmly greeted by a staff member, and shown to our room. 

    Our Room

    Our luxurious and spacious room was tastefully decorated with local indigenous textiles and art work that paired well with the warm textures and tones of the wood, stone, and adobe brick.

    Beautiful high beamed ceilings, antique wood furniture, and a beautiful bathroom with ceramic sinks added to the luxurious feel.

    Walking out onto our deck, we were greeted with a breathtaking blue view of Lake Atitlan, and the surrounding volcanoes.

    All 6 rooms at Laguna Lodge are gifted with the same view, as well as an extremely plush love seat on the balcony that was difficult to remove ourselves from.

    The rooms intentionally do not include a television, and what interest would anyone have to reach for the remote with view a like this?

    There is however a lovely sitting room with a large screen television and several movies, and ecological documentaries for you to choose from.

    Laguna Lodge is As Green As it Gets

    Constructed by co-owner Jeffro, and his local indigenous team; the lodge was built from local materials of palm, wood, adobe, and volcanic stone. Solar power is used throughout the property, and special attention is paid to avoid purchases that generate excess packaging.

    Their 100% vegetarian and vegan menu helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, encourages a change in eating habits, and the way we view animals. 

    They also do not serve drinks with straws, and recycle 75% of garbage including batteries, and waste from guest rooms.

    Owners Mayah and Jeffro own a home in Santa Cruz which houses their huge organic garden that provides everything from morning coffee to the incredible meals we enjoyed in Zotz, their full-service restaurant.

    The organic garden includes wild figs, spring onion, chipilin, amaranth, basil lettuce, cilantro, asparagus, squash, green chilis, coffee beans, baby strawberries, banana and papaya.


    In the past few years, Lake Atitlan has been mistreated, what with raw sewage, and agrochemicals being dumped into the water, and a problem with litter.

    This has resulted in an increase in poverty, and illness for the locals and a reduction in jobs, and tourism. The need for sustainable accommodations is crucial in order to improve the quality of life for the people, and to respect, and care for the land.

    Laguna Lodge is the leader in true sustainable, and green luxury hotels. Their respect for the environment is inspiring.



    Mayah and Jeffro met close to 20 years ago and had originally planned on opening an eco backpackers lodge, but it quickly evolved into a luxury eco-lodge with the intention of preserving nature, and living sustainably.

    Their love and commitment to the local community is uplifting. All of the staff employed at Laguna Lodge have no previous hospitality background, and were personally trained by Mayah and Jeffro.

    100% of the staff are indigenous Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel Maya, over 50% are women, they are paid well, and also receive medical benefits.

    The Food

    Although we have not found it overly difficult to come across vegan options during our travels, it is quite the luxury for us to open a menu, and be able to choose from every single item before our eyes.

    Our breakfasts, and 4 course meals were the stuff vegan dreams are made of.
    Each morning we awoke to a stunning view of the lake, and made our way to the dining area for breakfast and more beautiful scenery through the open air windows.(You can also enjoy meals in the comfort of your own room, or balcony)

    We started with fresh orange juice, and rich Guatemalan coffee from the organic garden. 

    Cody chose a traditional Guatemalan breakfast of scrambled tofu, fried plantain, frijoles, and warm corn torts, with rancheros sauce. Delicious.

    I had to go for the oat, and coconut crusted french toast served with fresh fruit.

    I also asked for some whipped soy cream on the side. Sweet, and crispy, it was the best french toast I have ever had.
    A most decadent breakfast.

    Dinner at Laguna Lodge is a set 4 course gourmet meal.

    There are 8 set vegan menus that rotate. Guests are presented with the menu of the day, and you must decide on dinner before 2pm as everything is made from scratch.

    We started with a spicy Indonesian peanut soup with plantain served with chapati,followed by an organic green salad with marinated tofu.

    Our main course was an incredible eggplant squash tower, with a rich cilantro garlic cream sauce.

    And dessert was a rich chocolate pudding.

    After such a wonderful experience with our first dinner, we decided to try another set menu the following evening.

    Our first course was an incredibly flavourful french onion soup, topped with vegan cheese, and served with crostini.

    An organic green salad followed, and the main course was a mouth watering baked lasagna, stuffed with vegan cheese, and vegetables. I wasn’t able to finish the entire meal, but Cody helped me out, plus, I always save room for dessert.

    My sweet tooth thoroughly enjoyed the lemon sorbet, served with chocolate truffle balls rolled in coconut.
    They were sweet, smooth, and creamy, and made from black beans! How amazing and healthy!

    Every meal was high quality, full of flavour, and beautifully plated. An absolute Heaven for vegans.

    With such high awareness for the people, animals, and planet, there are few better places to guiltlessly enjoy the panoramic views of one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world, than at Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve. 

    And rumour has it, that plans of the lodge being 100% vegan are soon to come.

  • Lub D Bangkok, Silom is set in a funky industrial style building in one of Bangkok’s popular tourist locations. It is in close proximity to the Skytrain (Chong Nonsi station), Patpong Night Market, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, and the Silom Complex Central.

    The building is simple, slick, and modern. Everything is well kept, clean, and in good working condition. .

    Lub D means “sleep well” in Thai, and sleep well we did. We stayed in the twin railway room, equipped with a very comfortable bunk bed, natural sunlight, a work desk, a safety deposit box, and free Wifi.

    We shared a great bathroom (separate male and female) with the rest of the floor.
    They also offer double rooms with private bathrooms, a mixed dormitory, and a lady’s dormitory.

    We had a great stay at Lub D Bangkok, Silom, and recommend it to those who want an inexpensive but comfortable stay, and more out of Bangkok than just Khao San Rd, and there is definitely much more.