Reviews on Accommodations

  • Really cool hostel for young people! They even accommodated us with specially made vegan dinner! One major downside is that they don’t have a kitchen to cook your own food and actually don’t allow you to bring in your own food (but they didn’t stop me from eating muesli in my bed for breakfast–haha). Very good hostel option close enough to the main attractions of venice but far enough away from all the crazy tourism.

  • Such a cool hostel! They have a good kitchen for cooking your own meals (no oven, but water heater and microwave). Comfortable and clean space. The only issue is that they overbook A LOT and so if you think you booked a space pod, you might end up in a regular dorm with bunk beds because they don’t do a good job keeping track of how many are taken. We booked 4 nights in pods and only got to sleep in them 1 of the nights…
    Other than that, the place is really good and a perfect location to walk to town! Would definitely stay again!

  • I cannot say enough good things about this hostel! Felt more like a futuristic hotel than anything! Self-service bar, app to control the lights/music in your pod, each pod is like a ROOM, friendly and helpful staff. Loved staying with them! Wish they had a place to cook your own food, but can’t complain otherwise!

  • Urban house hostel has a very special place in my heart. First off: they have two fully vegan meal options, amazing! A vegan sandwich and a vegan burger, not to mention the breakfast which apparently is vegan friendly but I never had a chance to check out. I love that they have live music in their bar area sometimes. They even have a fully equipped self service kitchen, game room, laundry, and outdoor green space. Super cool atmosphere and the staff was awesome at helping us plan our day and get the most of our trip!
    HIGHLY recommend!!

  • Ditto to what shae said!
    Not the most high quality hostel, and I always am a bit disappointed when there’s no kitchen to make your own food, but all of the perks shae mentioned make this hostel well worth it! The staff is so helpful and accommodating and the hostel is perfect for meeting other young travelers.
    Definitely recommend!

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