• LexiePrada posted an update 6 years ago

    HELP! Can someone confirm me if ” İki kez sanmıyorum” really means ” Don’t think twice”?
    I’m making a tattoo, but i wanted to be different and to write it in Turkish, which is a language i love to hear *—-*

    Can someone just confirm me if that’s the good translation?

    Many thanks!!

  • LexiePrada posted an update 6 years ago

    Anyone from Turkey? 😀

    • Not from Turkey but have been living here for the past year.

      • Merhaba 😀 I will travel to Turkey in October for 2 weeks , would be nice o make a meeting day there with some more vegans *—–*

        • Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving this Saturday for the US, but let me know if you want some vegan tips for traveling around. Kristin did a great write-up for Istanbul and I’m currently working on a vegan guide for Ankara.

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