• Kara posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    I most recently returned from a trip to Tanzania and am happy to say I successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro! If anyone is thinking of a Kili trip, I HIGHLY recommend going with G-Adventures. They seamlessly accommodated my vegan diet. I was so impressed with the chef on the trip, who hauled food for seven all the way up the mountain and cooked in a mountainside tent for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was the only vegan in the group, but was extremely well fed and the food was delicious (especially considering the circumstances). I can’t recommend this company enough for group adventure travel. Check them out! https://www.gadventures.com/?phonecode=&gclid=CLTf-syP1s8CFUlahgodcXwHXg

    • What a great accomplishment! I have only summited mountains here in Colorado, but summiting mountains around the world is in the plans. Love the pic, you look so happy 🙂

      • This was my first major summit! Before that my highest climb was Wheeler Peak in New Mexico! Would love to hear more about where you plan to climb.

    • That’s incredible, Kara! Did you do any kind of training to prepare yourself for the climb? I have a friend who was preparing for this same trek, I believe, but she unfortunately ended up not being able to follow through this year. Maybe she’ll try again in the future!

      • Thanks! I did a few hikes up to 13,000 feet (Kili is just over 19.000) and I am a long-distance runner, so used that mostly as my training. I live in NYC though, so there was no good way to prepare for the altitude! I did take medication to prevent altitude sickness and was fortunate that I did not suffer from the altitude as much as others. I hope your friend tries again! It was difficult, but definitely worth it!

    • Wow! How cool was that? We would love to see more of your photos from Kilimanjaro.

      • My background photo in my profile is from the summit of Kili as well! I have lots of pictures. Where would you like me to share?

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