• Ata posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    I spent a mere week and a half in Thailand before coming back to Bali! I’m here again for another month and a bit, depending on how the visa process goes for me tomorrow! I’m living in southern Denpasar, which is really nice if you’re wanting a bit of a local vibe.

    Thailand was amazing for me, vegan-wise. I pretty much only ate vegan trash food for the entire time. My new favourite restaurant in the world is The Veganerie Concept in Bangkok. Literally the best vegan food I’ve ever had, ever. I’m craving it so much here in Bali! But I’ve decided to spend a week eating raw vegan to reset my diet – I ate way too many burgers, marinara pizzas and drank too many beers in Bangkok! Not that it wasn’t fun, but my body really felt like a reset once I got back to Bali.

    I’m also finishing up editing on my first vegan cookbook! It’s a New Zealand Vegan Cookbook with some typical Kiwi recipes, mostly for baby vegans in the transition stage (NZ is massively meat and dairy based!) but also a good go to guide for vegans looking for easy Kiwi recipes. I’m looking forward to launching it next week!

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