• Shaedyn Mann posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    Howdy, everybody! Ya girl is in the south! I’m spending about a week in Nashville, Tennessee eating everything vegan I can find. So far, I have two vegan maple doughnuts staring at me in a box, I’m drinking a delicious pecan hemp latte at the cutest coffee shop, and I flew in and surprised my boyfriend at a completely vegan restaurant. I kinda sorta love it here!

    • How fun! Did you check out The Wild Cow?

    • Woahh pecan hemp latte sounds amazing!! I’d be curious to hear more about what Nashville has to offer for the vegan crowd.

    • Are you in Fido by any chance??
      I’ve heard there are tons of new places since I lived there… the Grins cafe on Vanderbilt campus is really good, if not an obvious choice. Oh and there was a little bakery/cafe just around the corner from wild cow, but the name escapes me… Avo was good the last time I was there… Oh and if it’s a nice day, try to get to taco mamacita and sit on the patio… they have a vegan menu if you ask 🙂

      • Is that a neighborhood? I don’t think I went to that area!
        Oh my gosh, SO many places. I can’t wait to go back because we still didn’t get to all of them! We didn’t go to Grins, I’ll add that to the lost. Was the bakery Five Daughters? Ave was even more amazing than I expected. So many great recommendations.

        • Fido is a coffee shop/cafe just south of Vanderbilt (on 21st S)… they have yummy vegan cookies! And a bunch of vegan options on their menu 🙂 They also have a few more locations (bongo java near Belmont, and maybe a 3rd now?)
          I also totally forgot to mention red bicycle for vegan crepes!! Oh and Sunflower Cafe (near hundred oaks mall) oh and Sloco on 12 south…
          Hahaha you’re making me realize I need to go back and visit!

          • Oh! No, I wasn’t. I was at Frothy Monkey, but that sounds like somewhere I have to go!
            Oh my goshhhh I had no idea about all of these, what the heck! You should go, why did you leave??

            • Frothy Monkey is also delicious!!! Fido is similar, but a bit bigger.
              Hahaha the food is temping, but I realized I’m way too Canadian to live in the US 😉 (I’d miss my universal healthcare too much, lol)

        • Oh and two boots pizza on divison has vegan pizza by the slice… I may have stumbled in there after a night or two at Losers (or Winners… I can’t remember, lol) 😉

          • Hahahah I don’t blame you, I wish I was too Canadian to live in the US 😉 I will HAVE to go to Fido because I loved Frothy Monkey.

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