• Oxana Poberejnaia posted an update in the group Introductions 3 years, 8 months ago

    Hello, mina-san! I am Oxana, born and raised in Tomsk, Soviet Union, (currently Russia). My first semi-independent trip was with my high school, to the seaside in Bulgaria. The next year when I turned 16 I went to live in the US for a year as an exchange student. Since then I have travelled in Europe, visited the US again and went to Israel once.…[Read more]

    • I hope to make it to Russia soon! Would you say any area is more vegan friendly than others??

    • I’ll echo what Cody said and let you know how glad I am you’ve joined the community here at VeganTravel, and that I can’t wait to learn more about Russia and your other travel experiences through your perspective.

      I’m also curious: How long have you been a frame drummer, and what brought you to that skill?

      • Thank you, Jaclyn, for this question and for your warm welcome to Vegan Travel. I love being part of it! I am always happy to talk about frame drums. I bought my first frame drums and started learning 5 years ago, Then I started teaching other people and 3 years ago was the first public performance of my band formerly known as Incidentals, now…[Read more]

        • That sounds so wonderful, to be brought to something that gives you meaning and enriches you personally, and then to be able to turn around and teach it and experience it with other people! If there’s a way to hear a recording of your band online, I’d love to check it out!

    • Welcome to VeganTravel Oxana! I loved reading your blog on Saint Petersburg and learning how many vegan friendly restaurants are available there. I’ve always wanted to visit and we used to live in Helsinki and even took the train to Moscow, but for some reason, we never got around to St. Petersburg. You have now given me more incentive to go 🙂