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  • Toronto, Vancouver, Manila, Jakarta.

    After 21 hours of flying, we arrived in Jakarta absolutely exhausted. We checked into Kosenda Hotel Jakarta, laid down in our amazing beds, fell asleep at 3pm, and didnt wake up until 8am the next morning.

    After freshening up, we made our way down to the stylish lobby to relax, and enjoy breakfast.

    We were so drained the day before, that we barely payed attention to our surroundings, so arriving in the lobby was a nice surprise.

    Kosenda is original in design. It has a blend of traditional Indonesian culture, local style, and 1960s cool.

    The hotel was designed by an all Indonesian team of artists, designers, and architects.

    The exterior of the building stands out among the dreary office buildings that surround it.

    Local artwork can be found all around the hotel, from paintings on corridor walls, to a floor to ceiling mural; even the hallway walls on every floor are beautifully designed with three dimensional wood sculptures at every door.

    Breakfast was included with the room and was excellent. We had the choice of a meal from their menu, and a small (but good) variety of buffet style food as well. Being Vegan, we did not order eggs with our breakfast, so they allowed us to choose 3 items from the menu.

    I enjoyed asparagus, rosti potato, and baked beans, and Giselle had the potato rosti, grilled tomato, and baked beans. We also had fresh fruit, salad, toast, jam, fresh fruit juice, and hot tea.

    Breakfast was great, and in the most stylish dining area we have been in, in quite a while.

    Our room was small, but it made up for that in style. Dark teak wood furniture, burnt orange sheets, geometrical accents, a cool lamp that I wanted to stuff in my luggage, and pretty cotton kimono robes with matching slippers. And like I said up top, the beds at Kosenda Hotel were amazing.

    No matter how beautiful a hotel is, no matter how incredible the service is, if you cannot offer a comfortable good night (or day) sleep, you are not a valuable hotel to guests.

    Our bathroom was small, but functional, with a fantastic waterfall shower.

    Our first impression of Jakarta has been a very stylish one, thanks to Kosenda Hotel. It really was a great choice after 21 hours of flying. Comfortable, and jazzy.

  • After 2 weeks of work in Bhutan, Giselle and I checked into Terma Linca Resort and Spa for 2 relaxing nights.

    It was a 25 minute drive from the center of Thimphu through town. Our taxi driver drove down into the valley where Terma Linca sits, to drop us off. Two employees immediately greeted us with a white welcome scarf and took our bags. We stopped to look around and take in the beauty of the property. Wide open spaces, green hills, and a river that runs right through the property.

    We entered the building and were invited to sit and drink some warm tea. The lobby was beautiful, minimal, and spacious, and tastefully decorated with traditional Bhutanese decor.

    We were then taken to our suite and our jaws dropped. Our suite was enormous! Full of natural sunlight, floor to ceiling windows, warm wooden walls and floors, and like all 30 rooms, a beautiful view that looks over the Wangchhu River.

    Our bedroom was also very spacious and comfortable, decorated with gorgeous modern and traditional Bhutanese accents, a heavenly bed, and a gorgeous above ground bathtub in the separate bathroom.

    I had the most amazing bubble bath, and hot waterfall shower. Terma Linca does offer complimentary wifi, but it is very unreliable. The good news is, that they are in the process of getting their own internet tower in the valley, so the problem should be fixed shortly.

    After relaxing and enjoying our room for a while, two employees arrived to help us into our Gho and Kira, Bhutan’s traditional clothing for men and women. We were then escorted to Apa’s restaurant; a traditional restaurant decorated with Bhutanese art. Before dinner, we stepped outside to watch a beautiful show of traditional Bhutanese dance by a big fire and sipped on ara, Bhutan’s traditional liquor made from rice.

    The show was lovely, and dressing up in our Gho and Kira was really special. After the show it was time for dinner!

    Kunzang Wangmo, the general manager of Terma Linca arranged a beautiful vegan dinner buffet for us. We had delicious herb roasted potatoes, chow mein, amazing sauteed mushrooms, and more.

    After dinner we headed back to our beautiful room to enjoy every minute of it.

    The next morning we headed to Aie restaurant for the inclusive breakfast buffet. Aie restaurant also fans out over the river, so we had quite the view. We were offered rice porridge, sauteed vegetables, and vegetable noodle soup. There was also a variety of breads, fresh fruits, and more.

    Later in the evening we were invited to try the hot stone bath at Terma Linca’s Spa. River stones are heated for 5 hours and then dropped into a deep wooden tub that then heats the water. It was ohhhh sooooooo relaxing. Our private spa room was warm and rustic with stone walls and lit candles. The spa is wonderful to visit year round, but the hot stone bath is especially good in the cold winter weather.

    Our stay at Terma Linca was one of the best stays we have ever had. The customer service was incredible, the staff exceeded our expectations, and the grounds and interior of the hotel were absolutely amazing.

  • After 3 weeks of pretty awful accommodation in Myanmar, it was so fantastic to check into The Warehouse Bangkok; an industrial loft style building with a really great open air cafe.

    The Warehouse Bangkok is located in a great area 5 minutes away from Khao San Rd. and very close to other major attractions (Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Democracy Monument etc….)

    The building is reminiscent of loft apartments with concret floors, high ceilings, and a clean minimalist design.

    We walked into our room to find one of our favorite styles; simple, spacious, and cool.

    Lucky for us, we received the corner room with a partially wrap around balcony, a full view of the city beyond our room, and a lot of natural sunlight.

    Our room was great! Concrete floors, and beams, all done in a cool grey, complimented by glass and wood fixtures.

    Ohhhh, and the bed. 3 nights of heavenly sleep in a great bed, and a cool air conditioned room.
    The room also has very fast wifi, a work desk against the wall, and in the corner sits a comfortable bean bag chair and small table.

    Breakfast is included, and they even have a vegan option! (We were impressed by that) The Forklift Cafe is the kind of place where you can enjoy the city sitting in one spot.

    A great hotel in a great area.

  • Nestled into untouched primary forest in the Golfo Dulce, sits Saladero Eco Lodge.

    We arrived by boat from the Mulle dock in Puerto Jimenez, and not 15 minutes into the trip did we spot a few playful bottlenose dolphins bobbing in and out of the water. A wonderful foreshadowing of things to come.

    Saladero Eco Lodge faces the water and is spread out over an expansive lawn dotted with several tropical plants.

    The owners, Harvey and Susan take great care in providing their guests with an authentic eco experience.

    All meals are served family style, so guests get to know each other quite easily.The atmosphere was extremely joyful which made it very easy to feel relaxed and at ease.

    We were set up in the beach house facing Golfo Dulce. Every morning we awoke to the sounds of the water lapping up on the shore, and were greeted by a beautiful view of coconut trees.

    Saladero Eco Lodge is an incredible place to return to nature, and log off. Great attention is paid to respecting, and doing what is best for the environment that is teeming with wildlife.

  • Resting next to the Costa Rican Jungle canopy and neighbouring some of the most beautiful beaches, is La Kukula Eco Lodge in Puerto Viejo. The grounds at La Kukula are thoughtfully designed with the perfect balance of rustic and elegance.

    Much care was put into the lodge, being sure that the materials used blended well with the natural settings.

    The jungle surrounded us and filled our days with bird songs, and the calls of howler monkeys.
    There is no place that better calms us than the sounds, sights, and smells of the jungle.

    La Kuluka Eco Lodge is a 5km drive from the town of Puerto Viejo, but bike rentals are in walking distance. After a night here, it is likely you won’t want to undertake a trip into town.

    La Kukula offers 8 rooms spread out amongst 3 bungalows, with 1 shared pool. There is also a large suite house with a private pool. All spaces are surrounded by lush jungle ensuring your privacy.

    This B and B offers daily breakfast of fresh fruit, and traditional Costa Rican fare included in the rate, and on demand fresh dinner at an extra cost.

    There are several options for places to stay in Puerto Viejo, but we really enjoyed La Kukula Eco Lodge because it is deeply nestled into the jungle, it is private, they are very considerate to the wildlife around them, and conscious of their eco footprint.

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